Different projects and different applications give birth to dilemma in terms of integration as which application will perform with which system application. Integrating the right application with the right system application to achieve better working and faster performance. The main challenge comes where collaboration is to be made between two different platforms and here we enjoys solving riddles because that shows our upper hand from others.

The process is never so easy as applications differs in nature and working style, however there is nothing impossible so we have a proper course of action followed at this phase.

Extract ---> Analyze ---> Compare ---> Transform and load ---> Validate

  • Fast Performance : The main tactics lies not only in integration of two different technologies but also where performance remains intact and does not hamper business of the client.
  • Technology competencies : Competition among multiple technologies is always inherent. Choosing technologies with better functionalities requires a good research in order to achieve faster results and satisfactory delivery.
  • Easy Process : The main focus is ease of use for the customer or client, the end result no matter how much faster or sophisticated but if it is complicated for the end-user, all efforts come to nothing. Integration should be such that the tool is easy to process and requires minimum instructions.