Forward Planning

This is the initial and most crucial part for any project, without forward planning every phase goes into vain and results in failure of time, cost and effort. SWOT analysis is helpful in making successful plans. If every phase would be properly planned, only then it will have a notable execution. However before planning, a good strategic approach should be followed in making plans effective.

Listening to what our customers wants from us and examining their needs should be taken into consideration first. We should be open to what our clients requisite and their expectations from us before consulting them. After jotting their requirements, analyzing and aligning them to our technologies, making adjustments wherever necessary taking account of many factors and finally advising clients as why and what we will going to perform. Communicating is important to build their trust and ensure them that we value their work.

We study the following points while making plans:

  • Resources Employed : What type of resources will be involved, technological resources, human resources and other resources.
  • Market competency : which combination of technologies will win and stay ahead in terms of competition in environment, also how our product can benefit our client in facing challenges in business.
  • Strategy Applied : What kind of strategy are we going to implement suitable for multiple products and services.
  • Suitable for upcoming market : Is our product latest to adjust in upcoming market and face challenges with new technologies.
  • Simple and sophisticated: the final output delivered to client should be sophisticated in many-sided terms, simple to understand and use.
  • Adoption to multiple platforms: It should be adjustable as per multiple platforms.
  • Time and Budget : Time and budget calculation to deliver final product and further support and maintenanc
  • Deadlines and Delivery : the period required to complete product and delivering it as per commitment.
  • Backup: There are many other external factors which shouldn't go unnoticed so there should always a back-up ready to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.