Development & Deployment

This stage is completely out of principles of beauty and technical part is integrated with specifications provided by clients prerequisites. All the requirements are documented into various stages where each stage is parted with several tasks, each tasks is further broken into several sub-tasks. Development process is implemented going stage after stage and finishes by gathering all stages into a big picture.

Before we commence this part, several elements are taken care of as compatible technology with front-end, functionality provided, market cope-up, shapes to current and future environment, how big the requirements are, time, efforts and cost involved and so on 

  • Technology Learning and analyzing various technologies and making combination of the best ones to achieve fast performance and thoroughpaced with market competency.
  • Features and Functionality The customization done by the client entirely relies upon features and functions provided in the product. These should ensure smooth ride in usage.
  • Agile Development Iterative development as a basis but advocates a lighter and more people-centric viewpoint than traditional approaches. Continuos feedback and testing before deploying of application.

Requirements > Division and Sub-division > Action Execution > Developing > Testing and Improvements > Deployment

Activating vital elements into parts and sub-parts, integrating and aligning them to case-study, putting it in different whereabouts and to test it. The whole process is re-rendered till the satisfactory level is achieved.

Here communication with the client is depends on whether the client is technical or not, as we do not expect client to be technical, so development and deployment is almost on our capabilities.