Krunk provides consultancies in disparate technologies to help clients in solving their conundrums and achieve better results for both client and our businesses. Technology market comprises of endless technologies and choosing the right combination is like getting out of a difficult riddle, our researchers have evaluated diverse technologies and have good hands in combining them as per client's requirements.

We grab what others miss, while providing consultancies, we are not only technicals or professionals but your comrades who will convey right and appropriate suggestions. Providing sound solutions to clients helps them to interact better with us and build their trust in our work, this in turn helps us earning potential customers and good market place. A good process helps in providing better consultancy to customers.

Requirements > Scenario > Implementation > Suggestion > Solutions
  • Scenarios : Looking at the scenarios regarding technologies to be implemented, market conditions, environment, cost incurred and all other factors should be taken into account and communicated to the client.
  • Implementation : What is going to be implemented while building the product should be brought to customer's knowledge.
  • Suggestions : Taking suggestions from clients and understanding their perspective, a two-way communication is must while providing solutions to client.
  • Solutions : Providing consultancy about technology implementations and other queries as asked by client so as to provide them satisfaction.