Architecture & Application Design

Starting from paperwork to final design, here not only aesthetics work but how efficiently it is done using creativity and ideas. Good approach is to keep it simple yet attractive and practical. It involves the virtue of combining art and science. Designing process engages a lot of thought exercise:

Research > Thought > Modeling > Interactive Adjustment > Re-design > Final Design

  • Research -  Analysis to variety of look 'n' feel of the designs, adaptability to multiple platforms, easy access, response all are studied well.
  • Thought - Thought process would be how to bring reflection into action by executions of plans.
  • Modeling- Beginning of work including rough design, making design in chunks, initial designs, placing of elements so as to start shaping the application.
  • Interactive Adjustment - Working on making it customizable as per client's requirements so as mak tweaking easy in future.
  • Re-design - Refining and re-designing as requested by client or to make give a proper picture to application
  • Final Design -  After adjustments and re-designing, design is finalized once the client approves it.

Though the process may be repeated after introducing the designed solution and implementing it in production environment, there is always scope for evaluation and conclusion for further improvements.