Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

There are some very strict validators and most websites do not pass them all. We do ensure that our sites are compatible with all major browsers. If there is a specific need for full validation with a standard we can achieve that.
Yes, we are constantly trying to adopt the latest techniques to achieve maximum level of customer satisfaction. Our engineers try to adopt latest technology to improve the quality of our good & services. By making the optimum utilization of the technology we are making constant efforts to stand out of the crowd. Krunk System’s name & technology goes hand in hand.
Architecture comprises of all the principles & guidelines that support a given application. Architecture is not strongly linked or tied to a specific library/ framework. While on the other hand a framework contains one or more libraries. The only major difference among the two is- the inversion of control applies. Framework usually exists to address a specific “general purpose” Domain say workflows or web applications etc. Hence architecture is just a theory while framework is the actual implementation. Framework is a set of reusable functions that its user can pick/ choose from varieties of application.
PHP & Python are the 2 most famous web programming languages all across the globe. Most of the programming developers are switching over from PHP programming language to the Python programming language due to the following reasons-

While using PHP, its users are required to have various kinds of tools. Whereas while using Python, its users are not required to have such tools. This means that the Python users can perform well with simple debugging tools that are available in its downloader package.

Python allows more flexibility as compared to PHP.

Python allows fast performs in comparison to PHP (especially when it is made to performed on the web).

Python is very easy to read & maintain as compared to PHP.

Python allows more consistency than PHP.
We usually prefer Python for web development because in the long run Python is always better than PHP. Python is an object oriented, quick to learn, quick to code, reusable, high level & interpreted programming language. The biggest advantage of using Python is that its syntax rules & elegant design makes it easily readable even to the development teams having number of programmers. Python’s core vocabulary may be extended by affixing new modules to it.

Business Related Questions

There are various options. We can host your site on our own infrastructure or on other commercial platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or RackSpace. Whatever option is chosen we will manage the full delivery pipeline and maintain the site on your behalf for 12 months. This is included in our package. There is a nominal additional fee if you wish to use our hosting platform.
Full copyright and ownership of all work will reside with Krunk until full payment has been received, at which point we will surrender to the client, all claims of ownership and full copyright for final design work produced.

We will never divulge, disclose or communicate in any manner any information that is proprietary to our clients.
We require a deposit of 5% up front to commence work and unless previously agreed invoices are to paid no later than 7 days after receipt.
This is up to the customer. Our hourly rate is £30. A lot of customers feel more comfortable with a quote for the entire project. Once we provide a fixed quote for a project we promise not to change it, unless you change your mind and want to add new features.

Project Management Questions

Each project has an account manager/project manager assigned to it. The client will be appraised bi-weekly with progress. As an agile company we agree on scope of works at the start of each week and aim to fulfil those works by the end of the week. This ensures real and visible progress focusing on the customers priorities.
Timelines vary depending on the nature of the project. We look after the full application lifecycle from version control through to continuous delivery of the product.
No, we will communicate via our project management portal, chat and video conference. Clear communication is very important to us.
Agile is a software development methodology. It helps the businesses in a number of ways such as-

It helps to eliminating waste.
It helps in amplifying learning in the business.
It helps in deciding as-late-as possible.
It helps in delivering as-fast-as possible.
It helps in empowering the team.
It helps in building integrity in the business.
We follow Agile software development methodology because this methodology is used to help our business to timely respond towards uncertainties.

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