About Us

Nice to meet you

Krunk Systems is a technology firm emerged from people having industrial experience. We work in web-related technologies and provide technology consultancy. Here we gather information about various technologies and their know-how, analyze and compare them and choose the most appropriate and advanced technology. Most companies blindly advertise their products, as said by Ross Perot , “Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers.” , however our working is a bit contrary, we love to listen to our customers, their requirements and deliver services with proper approach – an approach which is paradigm, enduring and uniquely tailored as per client's needs.

Our Philosophy

It is always proud to answer when inquired by people about our work, results are delivered by everyone but our satisfaction lies where we see smiling and happy faces of our customers because of our work. We are always passionate about what we do and endorse our services, achieving better results for our clients.

We aim at looking into challenges and solving them that comes to prove our worth with the growing market and staying ahead in competitive environment. Complex implementation, simple modification and customization, up-to-mark and up-to-date results all advance to strategic planning and growth.


While working we follow set of principles such as principle of honesty to our work and for our client, principle of good service to have contented customers, principle of relations to provide support in future to our clients, principle of truth to show real picture to our customers.


Taking account of all the elements responsible for giving a final product, time frame, dependencies, external and internal factors, target date, limitations, resources, cost involved and so on. This is not the last process however a lot of things need to be catered while delivering services.


It is one of the factors what a client pays for. We maintain quality at every part of our product and does not compromise in following set of standards required to sustain quality. By delivering quality, we help clients in delivering their business to existing markets and grabbing new opportunities in new markets.

Before considering any project, we consider following questions:

  • What are client's requirements?
  • What kind of functionality our client wants in the services?
  • How can we plan our technologies with our client needs?
  • Are necessary details communicated to the client?
  • Is our product can be easily customized if there will be change in future technologies?
  • How much our product in conquering clients' market?

Get in touch for a fresh look at your idea from a company large enough to provide a quality service but small enough not to break the bank.